Many Nigerians don’t have access to quality and fair medical services.
This is where Modo comes in.

Services Provided


  • User Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming & Messaging


  • User Experience
  • Responsive UI Design
  • Visual Identity & Collateral


  • Custom Application Dev
  • Front & Back End Dev
  • HIPAA Compliance


Modo evolved from the desire to provide a solution to a common problem. Doctors of Nigerian heritage in the US are often having to care for family and friends that live in Nigeria by giving informal phone consultation and medical opinions.

For Modo to be successful, access to a second opinion from abroad had to be as easy as making a phone call. This is where we came in.

What We Did

We created the brand identity, designed the user experience,
and developed the HIPAA-compliant application.


We began by surveying and interviewing patients in Nigeria and physicians in the US to understand their needs and device habits.

Visual Identity

Meanwhile, we worked with the Modo team to create a foundation for the brand. This guiding light informed the positioning, tone of voice and visual identity.


Patient privacy and security were critical in architecting the platform. We partnered with Aptible to provide industry-leading server and database environments. We encrypt all data at rest and in transit, and use strict access controls.

Video Appointment
Chat Appointment
Requesting an appointment with a Modo physician
Patient's onboarding experience

While ensuring the technical aspect of our platform was meeting the necessary functionality, INM also paid attention to our passion for the service we provide and our hopes and expectation of the value it will bring to our clients and applied these to our branding in ways we would have never thought of on our own.

Because of Modo, more Nigerians
can now get the second opinion they need.


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