Ledbury is one of the finest luxury clothing brands for men. Because the old site left money on the table, we were brought in to lead the redesign of their new site.

First, we studied the shopping habits of potential Ledbury customers to uncover opportunities for the new site.

We then led a week-long product design sprint
at Ledbury’s headquarters.

On Monday, we unpacked the problem.

We drew insights from the Ledbury team together, created
a simple user story, and set the scope for the week.

On Tuesday, we sketched competing solutions on paper.

The co-founder, designers, developers, and marketing folk alike
contributed their ideas. We then used a structured critique and
weighted voting to select the best ideas from the field of possibilities.

On Wednesday, we discussed how to turn dozens of solutions into one coherent storyboard. This acted as the blueprint of our forthcoming prototype.

By end of day Thursday,
we hammered out a realistic-looking
prototype of the new site.

On Friday, the prototype was tested by Ledbury customers
and we learned what worked and what didn’t.

The weeks thereafter, INM’s and Ledbury’s developer teams collaborated to bring the new site to life.

We had the opportunity to enforce best practices,
like adopting a style guide and automated unit testing.

Since launching the redesigned site, new users are converting 42% higher with overall conversions being up 26%.

The design sprint process was a fantastic experience to be a part of.
It was a great opportunity for us internally to collaborate and be intentional about the choices we were making.

Paul Watson Co-Founder, Ledbury

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